10 Emerging Technologies for Humanity by Mike Adams

By Mike Adams

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In time, however, the technology will drop in price, bringing it within reach of more consumers. com) offers a 20” LCD 3D display that uses eye tracking combined with unique left/right display technology to create a true 3D image on a flat panel monitor without the need for special viewing glasses. These monitors are typically used in the CAD/CAM industry where the visualization of 3D objects is especially helpful. The lack of support for 3D space in the Windows operating system, however, makes these monitors useless for everyday users...

Homeopathy is also routinely ignored or even attacked by western medicine for the simple reason that western medical technology doesn’t understand how it works, either. In a homeopathic remedy, an extract from a particular element such as a flower, a plant, or even a poison like arsenic, is mixed with water and then diluted to such extremes that there’s not a single molecule of the original element remaining in the final mixture. Yet the final mixture holds the “memory” or the “vibration” of the original element that was used, and it exhibits scientifically measurable and verifiable effects on biological systems (both humans and animals) when consumed.

In cymatics, we see that sound creates waves of force that can move physical objects either towards or away from the source of that sound. ), I was able to propagate grains of dirt and sand along a radiating path from the source of the sound by simply altering the frequency of the sound. ) For example, if you start with a sound frequency of 300 hertz (300 cycles per second), and then slowly reduce the frequency (pitch down the sound), it will elongate the wavelength of the sound and the grains of sand will slowly move away from you.

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