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Circle Time rules positive factors a hundred and one educating rules regarding the topic of its name. actions span a number of curriculum components together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, artwork, song and extra.

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Have the children decide if this is a fast beat for running, a slow beat for walking, or perhaps a soft beat for tiptoeing, then let them show you. Stop drumming and have the children freeze in place. Begin drumming a different pattern. Have the children choose another way to move their feet. As they become familiar with this activity, switch drumming patterns without stopping. Challenge the children to hear the differences and change their movements accordingly. 62 STREAMER FUN Materials Crepe paper Scissors Plastic lids Ribbon Stapler Cardboard tubes Activity Encourage the children’s creative movement by providing them with a variety of streamers, such as the ones described below.

Ask the children to hold their arms or their bodies in a circle shape. Can they make a circle with everyone? Let them think of other ways to make circles with their bodies. Sung to: “The Mulberry Bush” This is a circle as you can see, You can see, you can see. This is a circle as you can see, Now draw it in the air with me. Neoma Kreuter Extension: Repeat this activity for other shapes. 38 SHAPE PICTURES Materials Poster board Scissors Glue Magnets Magnet board Activity Cut small, medium, and large sizes of circle, squares, triangles, and rectangles out of different colors of poster board.

Materials Clear tub or storage box Water Objects that float Objects that sink Activity Fill a clear tub or storage box about halfway with water. ). Place the tub of water in the middle of the circle. Let the children take turns selecting an object and predicting if it will sink or float. Ask them to think about why some things float and others sink. Hint: Use the graph from the activity on this page. Help the children keep track of which items float and which ones sink. © School Specialty Publishing 47 1-57029-486-0 101 Circle Time Activities Science 59 QUALITIES Materials None Activity Talk about the qualities or characteristics that objects have.

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