50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz

By Justin Racz

Tired of looking at your guy play X-Box all day? Does he cruise match.com when you are no longer domestic? whilst he's taking you again to his position, does his mom solution the door? 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is a hilarious choice of those painfully conventional boyfriends, males we have all had the misfortune to fulfill. there is Thrifty, who thinks taking you out to Chuck E Cheese is captivating; Goth man, who borrows your makeup; huge puppy proprietor, who wears his Python round the apartment. Rounding out the checklist are The Flaw Corrector, The comic (who's utilizing you for material), One place Peter (enough said), and Balding and sensitive approximately It. is not revenge candy? humorous, impossible to resist, and immediately relatable, 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is the ideal Valentine's Day reward. listed below are fifty boyfriends so undesirable you are going to toast to being unmarried.

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Goatee: a must-have. It redirects attention to where there's hair from where there's not. " He's heavily invested in a small pharmaceutical company that claims to have the cure for baldness, the plague of the twenty-first century—well, at least it is in his world. If he ever mentions your extra pounds, you can just look north of his eyes. That will keep him in check. His hairline is directly linked to his mojo. The follicularly challenged are wounded lions, and the thorn can never be removed. 20.

If you like trucks and hunting, he's your man. His immediate plans in life are to make his car payments and have sex with you. 41. " Satisfied. Corporate lawyer. He gets a full night's sleep every night. You go to bed angry and frustrated. Why not tell him what you want and need? It would ruin what you have outside the bedroom. He's wonderful in all the other areas. He holds the door open for you; always pays for dinner; treats you to vacations; says God bless you when you sneeze. A good man like that is hard to find.

Someone to bring to family weddings so your aunt won't keep insinuating you're a lesbian. BFN can turn into HFN (Hubby for Now) and you end up on the wrong side of the 50/50 divorce rate statistic. 5. Stalker You don't ever have to worry about this guy not returning your calls or standing you up. He always remembers to call. Every ten minutes. From the street across from your apartment. Where he can see you. On your first date, he stares at you for a few beats too long. He already knows everything about you: your favorite shoe store, where you get your coffee, how you like it, and the name of the barista behind the counter that you smiled at so sweetly.

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