A Bug Can by Helen Dingwell

By Helen Dingwell

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Strains the medical research of the rate of sunshine, from Galileo's experiments within the 17th century to newer discoveries related to the legislations of relativity.

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But I believe that Sonya will be lightly dealt with because she comes of a family that once served the Czar and his father. " Nona questioned, no longer trying to keep the bitterness out of her tones. "Well, surely you accept a friend's misfortune easily! I have not your philosophy. " Lieutenant Orlaff stared at the girl beside him. It was impossible to see anything but the outline of her face, yet he could observe its pallor and the sheen of her hair under the nurse's cap. Besides, he felt the contempt she had not allowed herself to express, for the Russian is singularly proud and sensitive.

At first she was merely admiring the beauty of the little church. The gold of the dome seemed to be the one appealing spot of color in all the surrounding landscape. Then she opened the bronze doors and stole quietly inside. Always the church was left open for prayer, but today on entering Mildred Thornton found it empty. A Russian church is unlike all others except the Greek, for it is filled with brilliant colors. Instead of images such as the Roman Catholics use, the Russians have paintings dealing with the life of Christ, almost obscuring the ceiling and the walls.

I may not be able to do much, but I have written Eugenia, asking her to lend me some money and to forward it to the American Ambassador at Petrograd as soon as possible. I would like to leave almost at once. " "And for my part I hope you may never know," Barbara protested, sitting up with her cheeks suddenly crimson and her hair much tousled. "See here, girls, I know neither of you think much of my advice, and very probably you don't consider me especially brave. I'm not disputing the last point.

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