A Discourse and Register Analysis of the Prophetic Book of by Colin Toffelmire

By Colin Toffelmire

In A Discourse and sign in research of the Prophetic ebook of Joel, Colin M. Toffelmire offers a radical research of the textual content of Joel from the viewpoint of Systemic sensible Linguistics. whereas conventional explorations of Joel usually interact the publication from an historic or literary point of view, right here Toffelmire examines syntactic and semantic patterning within the publication, and builds from there towards an outline of the linguistic sign in and context of state of affairs that those linguistic styles recommend. This paintings additionally showcases the usefulness of discourse research grounded in Systemic practical Linguistics for the research of old texts.

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What context of 36 37 38 39 40 Carmel Cloran, “Context, Material Situation and Text,” in Text and Context in Functional Linguistics, ed. Mohsen Ghadessy (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1999), 178. For example, the colour of the desk upon which my computer sits as I type this sentence is a part of the Material Situational Setting of this language act, and yet is irrelevant to the language act. Or, at least, it was irrelevant until I activated it as an example. Cloran, “Context, Material Situation and Text,” 178.

31 Therefore, context of culture explores the ways in which these widely diverse sets of knowledge are related to a given text or set of texts. Context of text, or co-text, can be defined in terms of both “intertextual” context and “intratextual” context. 32 Intertextual co-text is related to the context of culture, as it explores relationships between texts; intratextual co-text is related to the context of situation, as it explores connections within a given text. 34 His observations of the islanders, and particularly of their uses of language, suggested an indissoluble link between utterance and social context.

16 13 14 15 16 Halliday, “Methods—Techniques—Problems,” in Continuum Companion to Systemic Functional Linguistics, ed. K. Halliday and Jonathan J. Webster (New York: Continuum, 2009), 60. Thus language is unlike other semiotic systems like traffic signals, which do not have this semogenic property. Halliday, Social Semiotic, 56; Halliday, “Methods—Techniques—Problems,” 71. Halliday, “Methods—Techniques—Problems,” 64. Halliday, “Methods—Techniques—Problems,” 66. This represents yet another significant point of disagreement with the Chomskyan tradition.

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