A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch: ''''All by Daniel Olson

By Daniel Olson

''A New analyzing of the Animal Apocalypse of one Enoch'' bargains a whole theological research of this second-century BCE allegory and makes use of this because the foundation for a brand new remark at the textual content, offered in a clean translation

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252–256). Assefa, “The Enigmatic Ending,” 556–557. 24 Lindars, “A Bull, a Lamb and a Word,” 485. 25 Tiller, A Commentary, 387; similarly Elliott, The Survivors of Israel, 471 n. 89. 26 Lindars, “A Bull, a Lamb and a Word,” 485. 27 Mitchell, “Firstborn Shor and Rem,” 217 n. 19. 28 It should be noted that this argument could be marshaled in favor of Nickelsburg’s solution if someone were to find “leader” more inherently plausible than “lamb” to begin with. 23 26 chapter one b. Who Is the White Bull?

I will establish your seed before me forever and ever, scattering abroad those who dwell with you so that your seed may not prove unfruitful56 on the face of the earth; rather, they will be blessed, and they will multiply on the earth in the Name of the Lord. Again, the plant metaphor is used (“seed,” “scattered,” “not unfruitful”), and the language of multiplication and blessing echoes the Abrahamic covenant (cf. Gen 13:15–16 and 15:5). 57 But even Noah is not the terminus. 58 A more direct link between the Abrahamic plant and Enoch himself can be seen in the verse which immediately precedes the An.

And they all were assembled together, and they were sitting and weeping in Abel-Mayin, which is between Lebanon and Senir, covering their faces. 10. And I recited in their presence all the visions that I had seen in the dream, and I began to speak the words of truth and vision and reprimand to the heavenly Watchers. 66 Enoch has his heavenly vision at the “waters of Dan” (v. 67 From there, Enoch goes to deliver his judgment oracle against the Watchers at “AbelMayin” (v. 9), another source for the Jordan located seven kilometers west of Tel Dan at Tel Âbil al-Qamḥ and identified with the biblical ʾAbel-Mayim, which is another name for ʾAbel-beth-Maʾakah (cp.

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