Adventure on Tugboat River (A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT POPUP by Grandreams

By Grandreams

Pop-up Storybook

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Go ahead," said Joe to his brother. " Just as Frank was about to enter, a fussy old lady with an umbrella, and carrying several parcels and a large basket, suddenly appeared. She said, "Thank you, boys! " and calmly handed Frank the basket and Joe her bundles. Then she stepped into the compartment, closed the door, sat down, and leisurely began thumbing through the telephone book. " exclaimed Joe indignantly. "Just when we are in a hurry, tool" The fat man appeared to have settled down to an A SUSPICIOUS DRIVER 65 interminable stay in the next booth.

Frank crept along the roof. If luck were with them they might be able to enter Aunt Gertrude's room and gain the hallway beyond without awakening her. Gently Frank reached out to raise the window a 74 THE SINISTER SIGN POST little higher. He almost tumbled off the roof in surprise as he did so, for a white figure suddenly appeared in front of him. A pistpl was thrust through the open space and pointed at his chest. " It was Aunt Gertrude, standing there in curling papers and a voluminous cotton nightgown.

Go on," prodded Chet, as the Hardys paused. "I lost my balance," said Frank. "I grabbed for the sill, missed it, and-----" "Fell to the ground," finished Joe. "Scared me to 'death. But when I rushed over to Frank, he was all right. " "We just got out of sight when the truck reached the cabin and stopped. " "We were hiding behind some bushes and heard the driver tell the other man about Frank," explained his brother. " "Then you hid in the truck," laughed Chet. "Bright boys. " "You bet," chimed in Bill.

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