Alpha Force: Survival by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Survival

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Found something,' called Li. She pulled a plastic sack from the locker. It was full of lumpy shapes and thudded heavily onto the boards in the bottom of the boat. Alex leaned forward as Li struggled with the knot which tied the neck of the sack. Maybe, just maybe, they were in luck. 'This must be one of your knots, Paulo,' said Li, still struggling to untie the sack. 'Ah, yes,' said Paulo, rubbing his nose in embarrassment. ' 'You untie it then,' said Li, shoving the sack towards him. 'No need,' said Paulo.

Like a firework. But you look more closely at that accident and what do you see . .? 'A fuse . ' croaked Alex, forcing himself to take a few more strokes before floundering to a stop. 'There's always a fuse . ' He blinked the stinging seawater from his eyes and looked over his shoulder to see whether he was clear of the breaking wave. He groaned. All that effort and he had hardly moved. It was as though he had been treading water. The wave still towered over him, even higher now. It was a solid slab of black water, except at the top where there was a frayed edge of white foam.

See those loops at each end? ' grinned Paulo. 'That is good. ' 'Eventually,' said Alex. 'Yeah, right,' muttered Amber. 'Just what we need right now. ' Alex ignored her and carried on with his tour of the survival tin. ' 'That's for you, Paulo,' giggled Li. ' Paulo felt a blush spread across his face as he grinned shame-facedly at Li. He had tried to make a move on her at the start of the voyage. He had come up behind her and wrapped her in his arms. A second later he had been flat on his back, gasping for air.

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