Alpha Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours by Pamela Rice Hahn

By Pamela Rice Hahn

Offers easy principles of grammar and sentence building, indicates the correct use of punctuation, and discusses kind, examine, and modifying.

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G. Bishop is hoping for tenure at the university. The family plans to spend the day at the park. In the preceding examples, the speaker assumes the audience knows which university, family, or park. MORPHEMES A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language. If a word has only one meaning part, the morpheme is the definition of the word; if each word part has separate meanings, each meaning part is a morpheme. The study of the morphemes of a language is called morphology. g. Michael’s screenplay isn’t quite finished.

Descriptive grammar is the basis for modern linguistics—the scientific study of language. • Pedagogical grammar The name for a textbook specifically written to teach a language. It stresses and clarifies the systematic nature of the sentence in the language it’s teaching. • Prescriptive grammar The rules for how people should speak a language; it contrasts with descriptive grammar because the latter describes the principles people actually follow when they talk. Understanding Grammar • Reference grammar Sets forth the rules of grammar in a dictionary format.

D 2. a 7. a 3. d 8. b 4. d 9. b 5. b 10. c RECAP This Hour covered basic sentence structures. You should now understand what sentences are and how to avoid common problems in using them. Now that you know all about sentences, let’s begin learning about more specific parts of grammar by moving on to nouns in the next hour. QUIZ a. two or more main clauses and one or more subordinate clauses PART II Getting Grounded in Grammar Hour 3 Elementary Sentence Components I: Nouns Hour 4 Elementary Sentence Components II: Pronouns Hour 5 Elementary Sentence Components III: Verbs Hour 6 Expanding Sentences with Articles, Adjectives, and Adverbs Hour 7 Reaching Agreements Hour 8 Other Considerations Hour 9 Phrases Hour 10 Main and Subordinate Clauses Hour 11 Controlling the Comma and the Semicolon Hour 12 Other Forms of Punctuation HOUR 3 Elementary Sentence Components I: Nouns CHAPTER SUMMARY LESSON PLAN: In this Hour, you’ll learn about nouns and their functions within a sentence.

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