America at war by John Stewart Bowman

By John Stewart Bowman

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American Civil War Fortifications 1

The 50 years prior to the yank Civil struggle observed a growth within the development of coastal forts within the usa. those stone and brick forts stretched from New England to the Florida Keys, and so far as the Mississippi River. at first of the conflict a few have been positioned within the secessionist states, and lots of fell into accomplice arms.

Persian Gulf Security: Improving Allied Military Contributions

This ebook addresses a number of key questions: Will America's ecu allies be ready to muster the political will and armed forces features to venture major army strength to aid shield the Persian Gulf? How a lot army strength can our ecu allies give a contribution at the present time and sooner or later to Persian Gulf contingencies?

The Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281

From his seat in Xanadu, the good Mongol Emperor of China, Kubla Khan, had lengthy plotted an invasion of Japan. besides the fact that, it was once simply with the purchase of Korea, that the Khan won the maritime assets precious for this kind of significant amphibious operation. Written through professional Stephen Turnbull, this ebook tells the tale of the 2 Mongol invasions of Japan opposed to the noble Samurai.

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Later improvements multiplied the machine’s productivity 60 times. The invention of the cotton gin sparked numerous changes in the South’s economy. “King Cotton” replaced tobacco, rice, and sugarcane as the staple crop. Cotton production soared from 10,000 bales in 1793 to more than 175,000 bales in 1812. ) As cotton cultivation used up the land in Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas, large numbers of farmers began pushing westward into Alabama, Mississippi, and even Texas, which was then part of Mexico.

Another reason for British interference with American shipping was political. In 1789, the same year Washington became the first president of the United States, the French Revolution erupted. For 10 years thereafter, France experienced a series of weak governments and radical leaders. Then, in 1799, a young military genius named Napoleon Bonaparte seized power. Napoleon was determined both to conquer Europe and to destroy Great Britain’s superiority on the high seas. By 1802, he had achieved much of his first goal.

But although they tried to memorize the words of the hymns as well, in most instances they followed the practice of “lining out”—that is, a leader would read aloud one or two lines from a hymn book and the congregation would sing the lines in response. 54 WAR OF 1812 However, in church music as in other areas, change was under way. Beginning about 1800, evangelical Protestantism became popular among black slaves in the South. ” Gradually, spirituals were to shape the words and melodies of white religious music.

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