Grammar Time Level 5 (Grammar Time) by Sandy Jervis

By Sandy Jervis

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It is not to be denied that man proceeds, in his internal life, from epoch to epoch, and renews himself in his most internal nature, nor can we deny that moments like those mentioned are especially favorable in man to an effort towards self-transformation, because they invite introspection; but it is not to be endured that the youth, while looking forward to such a moment, should consciously persist in his wrong doing. If he does, when the solemn moment which he has set, at last arrives, he will, at the stirring of the first emotion, perceive with terror that he has changed nothing in himself, that the same temptations are present to him, and the same weakness takes possession of him.

But this feeling or sentiment of religion the savage has, and it properly belongs, in civilized Christian communities, only to the period of childhood. If the little girl be not educated into a higher religion than this, and if, at the same time, her whole mental horizon have, from unfinished intellectual education, remained narrow, she has nothing on which any teaching of Theology can be based, and nothing which will bear the stress and strain of actual life. In such a case--that is, if her religion is only gratitude for favors, if her only idea of God is that of a Benefactor--when benefits fail, her religion will fail also.

In this position of the question, we have only two things for which to be profoundly thankful: The first is that we, as living women, are asserted by no one to be composed of more than two parts--spirit and body. The second is, that we have in our own hands, at last, the means of finally disposing of this question, by disproving the second assertion. To us as women, as wives, as mothers, as older sisters, as friends, as teachers, as college girls, as school girls, The Education of American Girls, by 33 and to us alone, the settlement of the question has at last been fairly handed over.

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