In Search of Good Form: Gestalt Therapy with Couples and by Joseph C. Zinker

By Joseph C. Zinker

With In seek of fine Form, Joseph Zinker emphasizes seeing and being with as keys to a phenomenological strategy within which therapist and sufferer co-create and collectively articulate their very own stories and meanings. He considers Gestalt box concept, the Gestalt interactive cycle, and Gestalt innovations.

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Why do we call our approach Gestalt therapy? 'Gestalt' is a holistic concept (ein Ganzheitsbegriff). A gestalt is a structured entity that is more than, or different from, its parts. "'1 The formation and destruction of gestalten2 is an aesthetic process, not simply a utilitarian one. As with the individual, so with multiperson systems. When a couple or family struggles successfully dirough a dilemma, the experience feels whole, complete, right, good, and beautiful. Completed gestalten — fully ripened experiences of which we become aware, experience, assimilate, and eventually let go — are graceful, flowing, aesthetically pleasing, and affirming of our own worth as human beings.

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