Motivational Styles in Everyday Life: A Guide to Reversal by Apter M.J..

By Apter M.J..

The reversal conception turns into general via this book's evaluate of its program in various mental parts. Human nature, human adventure, and person character are one of the mentioned strategies which create motivation for daily actions.

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In fact, Svebak used the TSM in many of his studies (to be described further in chapter 5 of this volume). The TSM was also used in many of the studies by Kerr and others (to be described further in chapter 10 of this volume); the scale can be found in Kerr (1997a, Appendix F). , 1993), consisting of three 4-item subscales (Serious/Playful, Arousal-avoidance/Arousal-seeking, and Negativistic/ Conformist). On the basis of pilot studies, the authors decided to use a 56 REVERSAL THEORY MEASURES bipolar rating scale for each item.

In chapter 16, the final chapter of the book, I point us in future directions and bring matters to a conclusion by suggesting what reversal theory might have to offer to psychology as a whole, emphasizing eight major benefits that the theory may be said to represent. MICHAEL 1. APTER 35 2 REVERSAL THEORY AS A SET OF PROPOSITIONS MICHAEL J. APTER In this chapter, reversal theory, as a whole, is described in a more formal way than in the introductory chapter; it is presented as a set of propositions making up a hypothetico-deductive system.

Unlike such “situational” theories, reversal theory argues that it is possible to be in different states, because of the point on the satiation cycle, at different times even in the same situation. This is a much more radical form of antitrait position: People can be different from themselves not only under different conditions but even under the same conditions. A mother taking her son to soccer may feel alloic sympathy on one day and autic mastery on another. Going for a run one day may be experienced as telic and on another as paratelic.

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