The Chemistry of Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds by Saul Patai, Zvi Rappoport

By Saul Patai, Zvi Rappoport

Natural compounds of Ge, Sn, and Pb have many homes that may be valuable for things like microbiocides, insecticides, anticancer remedies, octane quantity enhancers, and anti-foaming brokers. This supplementary quantity covers the newest advances within the fields of photochemistry and structural chemistry. The authors additionally talk about the advanced formation of those compounds.

  • Written by way of key researchers within the box
  • A complement to The Chemistry of natural Germanium
  • Provides natural chemists with a useful reference source

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Organogermanium compounds having Ge Te bonds were also first prepared in Schmidt’s and Vyazankin’s laboratories in 1965–1967. Seven compounds [R3 GeTeGeR3 (R D Et, Ph, c-C6 H11 ), R3 GeTeR (R D Et) and R3 GeTeMR3 (M D Si, Sn, Pb; R D Et, Ph)] were prepared in which the germanium atom was bound to the Group 14 element by the tellurium atom. Ph3 GeTeLi was synthesized along with these compounds by the reaction of Ph3 GeLi with tellurium in THF247,436,442,443 . The reaction of Ph3 GeTeLi with Ph3 GeBr, Ph3 SnCl and Ph3 PbCl gave the corresponding Ph3 GeTeMPh3 (M D Ge, Sn, Pb)247 .

At the same time Anderson synthesized the first alkylisothiocyanatogermanes R4 n Ge(NCS)n (R D Et, Pr, Bu; n D 2, 3)184,376,379,458 . Compounds such as R3 GeNCS and R2 Ge(NCS)2 , R D Et, Pr, Bu were obtained in 1951 by cleavage of R3 GeOGeR3 and (R2 GeO)3 with HNCS generated in situ 376 . Analogously, i-Pr2 Ge(NCS)2 was obtained from (i-Pr2 GeO)3 . Exchange processes have also been studied, such as those of Et3 GeNCS with AgNCO and of Et3 GeCN with AgNCS376 . It is remarkable that the rather intensive investigations on nitrogen-containing organogermanium compounds during a quarter of a century were followed by reduced activity.

Compounds R3 GeSR0 are easily oxidized by hydrogen peroxide up to R3 GeOGeR3 440 ; LiAlH4 reduces them to R3 GeH346 and aniline does not react with them. The Ge S bond of Ph3 GeSMe was so reactive that it was cleaved with methyl iodide to Ph3 GeI and Me3 SC I 440 . Similarly, dimethyl sulfate transforms Me3 GeSMe to Me3 GeOSO2 OMe440 and Me3 SC [MeSO4 ] . When organolithium or organomagnium compounds R0 M (R0 D alkyl; M D Li435 , MgX346 ) reacted with R3 GeSMe (R D Et, Ph), the SMe group was replaced by alkyl groups giving R3 GeR0 derivatives.

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