The First World War by Jere Clemens King (eds.)

By Jere Clemens King (eds.)

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INTRODUCTION xxxiii correct attitude by explaining that he would have to consult his chancellor, Bethmann-Hollweg, before offering Austria advice. But William II was not one to remain reticent for long, and after dining he said to Szogyeny: "The attitude of Russia would be hostile in every respect, but [he] had been expecting that for years, and even if war should occur between Austria-Hungary and Russia, [Austria] might be assured that Germany would side with [her], with [Germany's] traditional loyalty to the Alliance.

The last must also neutralise the citadel of Huy, within whose range it is obliged to cross the Meuse. The nine army corps will be followed by seven Reserve corps, whose main part is intended for the investment of Antwerp while the remainder initially give further cover to the right flank. Apart from this, there is a further possible reinforcement in the form of two of the army corps remaining on the left bank of the Moselle. They can be brought up by railway (German and Belgian) as soon as the lines are cleared and put into service.

All that could be attempted was to select documents which focused upon important facets of the con- INTRODUCTION xlvii duct of operations on land, sea, and in the air; upon the attitudes toward the war among the troops themselves, the intellectuals and poets, and the women at home; finally, upon some crucial diplomatic issues such as America's entry into the war, Russia's abandonment of the war, and the disputes over the Treaty of Versailles. Such is the intent of this volume. PART I Martial Glory: The Conduct of Operations I.

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